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Vaping is the breathing in of vapour from electronic cigarettes or vaping devices. There is a heating element in the device that heats liquid into vapour; the vape juice can contain nicotine, flavouring.

The battery sends the current through the coil of resistance wire located inside the clearomizer. The wire is wrapped around a wick or cotton and is gently heated to turn the saturated e-liquid into vapor.

With smoking, you inhale nicotine by burning tobacco, whereas vaping involves inhaling vapor (with or without nicotine) by heating a liquid; it is free of tar and carbon monoxide, which are the two substances that cause the most damage to smokers.

E-cigarette vapor contains vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, flavorings, and sometimes nicotine. Aside from these ingredients, vape juice is essentially 66% water.

As stated in a study made by the PHE, vaping has one of the highest successful quit rates (74% in 2020) among other stop smoking services. With this research, it makes sense to say that vaping can significantly help you stop smoking. However, there is no guarantee as it’ll still depend on what will work for you.


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