CBD Combo Calm Battery and Pod


CBD Combo Calm Battery and Pod

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Compact and portable, our CBD vape inhalers are ready to use right away.

200mg CBD 

Vanilla Flavoured

The inhaler consists of a replaceable pod and a rechargeable battery.
Also included is a USB charger, breathing new life into your device when you need it most.


To Use

Remove the cover and attach the pod to the battery by screwing on the thread tightly.
Draw on the mouthpiece (pod end) to activate, during which the LED indicator gradually lights up to indicate the power supply is on and active. The LED indicator fades out
as inhale stops.
Due to a 10-second inhale protection function, the battery will automatically cut off and stop working if inhale exceeds 10 seconds.
The device is empty if the vapor is no longer produced when activated.
The LED indicator flashes 10 times if the battery is depleted.
To avoid possible residue or build-up, remove the pod when not in use.
Only use goodleaf inhaler pods with the goodleaf inhaler battery.


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